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The network recognises farmers’ ingenuity and provides the professional backing and access to funds they need to develop sustainable solutions to the industry’s greatest challenges.

Could you help get on-farm research, off the ground?

Why sponsor Innovative Farmers?

1. Associate your brand with progressive farming

If you sponsor field labs, your logo will feature on the group page on our website. Your company will be mentioned whenever we speak about your sponsored field lab, whether this is in press releases, in newsletters or on social media.

Or, you can sponsor the network as a whole. We'll then mention you in all press releases, in our brochure, at events and on the website. 

Last years’ reach | In the press: 11 million | Newsletter subscribers: 1,450 | Twitter followers: 2,500 | Website visitors: 10,000

2. Tackle the issues that matter to your customers 

Field labs are farmer-led. This means as sponsor you can’t decide topics, but you can choose to support the farmers you work with. Sponsoring field labs shows you’re investing in the issues that matter to your customers and that you recognise that often, it’s farmers who have the solution.

3. Help shape the future of farming

This is an unprecedented period for UK agriculture. While no one is sure exactly how Brexit will affect trade or regulation, we think investing in farmer-led research now will mean more innovative, resilient and sustainable farming in the future.

A field lab, who contributes

Innovative Farmers is free to join but the network needs to cover the cost of running field labs and this is where sponsors play a crucial role.

  • Farmers: Contribute their time to planning and carrying out the trial. They also contribute their land and take a risk on trying something new.
  • Researcher: Contributes a minimum of 24 working hours to advising the group, helping them design the trial and analysing their findings.
  • Sponsor: Contributes £3,500 to cover the costs of facilitating the field lab. Or if you can help by coordinating the field lab, the cost would be £1,000.

Who sponsors the whole network?


Sharing knowledge is vital to unlocking sustainable food systems. At Produce World Group we believe that Innovative Farmers provides an effective platform for developing and testing new approaches, and are excited to get our groups up and running.

- Guy Thallon, Produce World

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Call 0117 987 4572 or send an email to info@innovativefarmers.org to find out more about sponsoring Innovative Farmers.

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