We are working on organising our autumn-winter 2022 events, but in the meantime here are some recordings of previous events including an on farm visit, our PASTORAL project workshop, and expert panel events!


Farm tour with Henry Andrews: The Benefits Of Silvopasture

Henry took us on a tour of his farm, Leworthy Manor, in Devon where he is taking part in an Innovative Farmers project to explore the benefits of agroforestry for soil health, biodiversity, animal welfare and more. 


Groundswell sessions

How To Team Up Plants: A Farmer-to-Farmer Surgery On Intercropping - Groundswell 2022

Farming advisor Jerry Alford, hosted a session with the latest advice and tips coming out of farmer-led research into intercropping. Featuring Andy Howard, James Hares and Doug Christie.

Drought Tolerant Swards, Herbal Leys & Approaches to Grazing

Jerry also hosted a session on drought tolerant swards, herbal leys and approaches to grazing with Peter Cheek, Gillian Preece, Rob Richmond and David Cross.

Growing and using your own woodchip for on farm use

Ben Raskin spoke about growing and using your own woodchip for on farm use with examples he has gained from several field labs in the area.

Enhancing the domestic supply chain for Hemp whilst measuring & recording environmental impact?

​Members of the impact of hemp cultivation on biodiversity and soil health field lab spoke about their experiences of growing hemp and the how they are collecting data to establish its environmental credentials.


PASTORAL Optimisation Insight Workshop

The PASTORAL project will develop digital solutions that can provide livestock farm businesses with weekly data and insight into grass biomass and quantify carbon budgets. Quality, productive pasture is essential for efficient livestock production but current methods do not accurately reflect pasture quality, nor likely future growth under climate change, limiting the accuracy of pasture management decisions. In this insights workshop, we discussed current pasture monitoring methods and what farm businesses would like to see in terms of data and metrics to support decision making for pasture management. We also shared ideas for measuring environmental performance of pasture systems as well as biomass. PASTORAL is a partnership between Environment Systems, Innovative Farmers and the University of Edinburgh, as well as UK livestock (dairy, beef & lamb) farmers. The project is funded by Innovate UK as part of Defra's new agricultural innovation funding.


Farmers in UK discuss trial to grow a living mulch under their cereal crops

Through the Innovative Farmers programme a group of conventional and organic farmers have teamed up with researchers to investigate the holy grail of no till farming (find out more here) They are researching whether permanently growing clover underneath cash crops (like wheat, buckwheat or barely) will reduce or eliminate chemical fertilisers and herbicides, by controlling weeds whilst also fixing nitrogen. In this recorded discussion, you can find out about the research, see how the project is progressing and hear from the farmers about their ambitions for the project. This farmer led research project is a collaboration between 6 farmers and researchers from Organic Research Centre. It is being coordinated with help from the knowledge exchange team at AHDB. As well as receiving funding from Innovative Farmers, it has also received 3rd party sponsorship from Organic Arable.


Webinar: Can we graze sheep on lucerne in the UK?

Through the Innovative Farmers prorgramme, a group of farmers in Norfolk have teamed up with researchers to investigate whether it’s possible for lucerne to provide extended grazing for sheep in the UK. This webinar gives an introduction to what the field lab will be investigating and an opportunity to hear from the farmers about their motivations and hopes for the project.


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