Skye Mutton Project

A feasibility study to investigate the potential market demand and supply chain opportunities for Isle of Skye Mutton for local hotels and restaurants.

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Field Lab Timeline

    8/1/2018 11:00:00 PM
  • Initial meeting

    Identifying farmers/crofters needs, challenges and opportunities.

    Initial meeting
  • 8/30/2018 11:00:00 PM
  • Second group meeting

    Meeting with chefs to understand the demand and culinary opportunities/barriers of mutton.

    Second group meeting
  • 9/14/2018 11:00:00 PM
  • Research

    Background research into commercial mutton production.

  • 10/8/2018 11:00:00 PM
  • Analysing information and primary research findings

    Analysing information and primary research findings
  • 11/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
  • Development of project plan

    Development of project plan
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  • Discussion

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  • Achievements

    November 2018

    Presentation at Skye Connect and Final project plan

    Calum Johnston analysed two sets of survey data and created the presentation for Skye Connect event. In November/18, Calum and Janette presented RISS project findings, introduced the evening dinner, and obtained feedback from “consumers” at the Skye Connect showcasing dinner. Calum and Janette delivered a pre-dinner speech which included a powerful video illustrating the Isle of Skye landscape, crofting, sheep production, island culture, heritage and lifestyle. Following the event, a final project plan was presented and the group activities concluded.

    Milestone: Development of project plan

    September 2018

    Second group meeting

    Group members Janette Sutherland, Calum Johnston (group facilitators), Peter Martin (crofter) and John Coghill (manager and host of Skye Connect event at Sligachan Hotel) have met to discuss logistics of presenting mutton as the main dish for Skye Connect’s evening dinner. After this meeting, the group linked with West Highland College to set students the challenge of creating a new innovative recipe for mutton. The winning dish was presented as the main meal at Skye Connect dinner.

    Milestone: Second group meeting

    September 2018


    After the initial meeting, a sheep producer survey was created to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on current sheep production (lamb and mutton), views on the opportunities and limitations for supplying island restaurants and whether producers would be interested in forming a cooperative to supply mutton in future. A chef survey was also created to obtain quantitative and qualitative data from prominent chefs on Skye. Data obtain included; current lamb/mutton offering on island menus, expected future demand from customers and tourists for local, traceable meat, recommended cooking methods and recipes for mutton, quantity and price chefs would be prepared to pay for mutton, and whether they would be interested in sourcing mutton in future to present on their menu.

    Milestone: Research

    August 2018

    Initial meeting

    The co-facilitators had a productive meeting with industry stakeholders - an NFUS representative and another representative from Skye Connect. There was a general discussion regarding mutton production on Skye, the opportunities and limitations and the potential for the group to showcase the product using innovative cooking methods at a major Isle of Skye showcasing event in November.

    Milestone: Initial meeting

    July 2018

    Preliminary meeting

    In a preliminary meeting, the project timetable was agreed between the two co-facilitators of the project (Janette Sutherland and Calum Johnston) and connections have been made with both farming and hospitality stakeholders.

    Future activities:

    25/09/2018 - Survey of sheep producers at a KTE event and also online to a wider audience
    30/09/2018 - Chef engagement and sheep producer engagement to be completed with survey
    22/11/2018 - Participation in Skye Connect event ‘Shorten the supply chain and going to scale’

    Milestone: Initial meeting

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