How could a field lab benefit your business?

If you have an idea that could make your business more  sustainable, you can get support and up to £10,000 in research funding to test it out.

You can set up your own ‘field lab’ with a group of likeminded farmers or, if you’re interested in one of the existing topics you can join and work together. There are groups all over the country looking at topics like min-till, creeping thistle control and improving soil health.

Relevant Research

You’ll work on practical trials in the  field, not the lab and on topics which  are relevant to your business. This  means rather than just reading about  the results, you see the trial first-hand  and can apply what you’ve learnt to  your own farm.

You can also learn from the other field labs across the network, online and through a programme of events. 

Work with like-minded farmers 

You’ll be in a group with other farmers, working together to tackle challenges you all face. We provide a coordinator who does the legwork, meaning you can focus on the trial and benefit from the results.


Get reliable results

Your group will be working with a researcher from a top agricultural institution such as Rothamsted or Bristol University. This means you’ll have solid results and expert input that you can base your business decisions on.

Make the most of your findings

Last year, news about field labs reached an average 40,000 people per week through the farming press, so your findings have real influence. If your idea has legs, we can help you find more funding to further your research, just like the project on enhanced ranging for hens which received £500,000 this year from BBSRC.

The balance sheet

What does it cost?

Joining the network is free.  This gives you access to field lab reports and the online portal. When you want to join a group and start trialling, there may be a charge. Some groups are funded by a sponsor, others will split the cost between their members. Find more information on setting up a group here >>

Either way, your group can get up to £10,000 research funding per field lab, plus you’ll be working on solutions to make your business more profitable.


What about time?

Most groups meet a handful of times each year but there’s no obligation to attend every meeting. You can either trial on your own farm, or watch and learn from what others are doing. So you decide how much time to invest.

Find out more

If you’ve got an idea for a new field lab, we’ll match you with a researcher and coordinator and help you recruit  members.

If you’re interested in one of the existing field labs, we’ll put you in touch with the group coordinator and you can meet everyone at their next meeting.

To speak to the team please call 0117 987 4572 or send an email to

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As well as an increased yield worth £150-£250 per hectare in the trialled fields, being part of the compost
tea field lab allowed us access to invaluable scientific knowledge and sampling methods.

Sophie Alexander, Hemsworth Farm
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