I Know Food Scottish Borders

This group is sponsored by the IKnowFood project, a multi-strand project looking at how the agri-food system can become more resilient. The IKnowFood project is led by the University of York in partnership with the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, and non-academic partners including Innovative Farmers. It has been funded by the Global Food Security Programme, a UK cross-government programme on food security research.

This group is in the Scottish Borders, there is also a sister project in Yorkshire which can be found on the website. Each group is made up of farmers, researchers and engineers, and will discuss, co-design, trial, and evaluate innovations in a farmer-led process. We also want to learn about how farmers, engineers and scientists can better work together to meet the needs and aspirations of the farming community. This is important as farmers face growing pressures to produce more food, more sustainably, in the presence of environmental and regulatory change. Meeting these challenges requires a shift from current thinking about innovation in farming so that new technologies can better respond to the particular conditions found in different farm landscapes and businesses. New methods are required to ensure the knowledge, skills and interests of farmers are integrated into an innovation system capable of achieving and sustaining productivity today and in the future.
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