Potential new field lab: Grazing cover crops with sheep

Join us at a meeting to explore the potential of a new field lab addressing some of the issues around grazing cover crops with sheep.

Cover cropping ahead of spring drilling can help protect soils over-winter, reduce nutrient losses and return organic matter. Grazing by sheep can potentially: reduce feed costs, return nitrogen in a readily available form and reduce the reliance on glyphosate to terminate cover crops. However, if not managed correctly grazing can damage soil structure thereby increasing the risk of run-off and soil erosion. Selecting the correct cover crop species is crucial and must consider both impacts on livestock performance and any rotational conflicts with the following cash crop.

Farmers who may be interested in joining this field lab are invited to attend a meeting to discuss the issues to be addressed in a field lab and set out initial plans for a methodology.

The event is being kindly hosted by Cambs Farms Growers Ltd on Tuesday 31st March. 

Find out more or book a place.

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