Film: Livestock farmers finding alternatives to monoculture fodder crops

Being able to outwinter cattle is beneficial to many farmers because it reduces overheads and is better for animal health. But the negative impact of monoculture fodder crops on soil health can hold many back. This film talks to farmers who are trialling a diverse mix of fodder crops to reduce costs further and increase the benefits to soil health and biodiversity.

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Researching diverse fodder crops

Four livestock farmers are leading new research into diverse winter grazing crops to cut feed and input costs while boosting soil health and biodiversity in this Innovative Farmers field lab. They are working with Sarah Whaley, from Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) Southwest to compare their usual winter forage of a single species brassica mono-culture with a diverse, 16 species fodder crop mix - including clovers, hairy vetch, ryegrass, spring oats, kale and linseed.

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