"Care 4 Daisy" - Counteracting antimicrobial resistance in the UK dairy industry through co-designed interventions and microbiological knowledge

An SRUC researcher is applying for funding to create a group that will look to reduce antimicrobials in the dairy industry.  The project has not been awarded funding yet.  If it does, then it could be part of RISS. Please read below for more information, and if you know of farmers/foresters/crofters that could be interested in taking part on this project, please contact us.

"This project seeks to establish a new interdisciplinary alliance between arts and design, science and social science to tackle the issue of antimicrobial resistance in the dairy industry. It will draw on the experiential knowledge of stock workers to draw out practical, sustainable approaches that may not otherwise emerge from science driven studies. The project will co-design, develop, test and disseminate sustainable and voluntary approaches to selectively reduce the use of antibiotics against mastitis in the UK dairy industry.  It will explore alternative dairy farm policies and protocols to look for pathways to reduce reliance on antibiotics on UK dairy farms by using co-design methodology. A co-design approach will bring together dairy farmers, farm workers and other key stakeholders with experienced design researchers to create new protocols and tools that could reduce reliance on antibiotics.  These will be tested for their effectiveness and practicality in the UK dairy industry. This (bottom up) approach has been successfully used to engage citizens in debating future healthcare systems and services (Tsekleves et al, 2017).

The project aims to:

- Identify and establish factors that necessitate the use and misuse of antibiotics in the UK dairy industry.

- Use co-design and co-develop new and improved, bottom up voluntary approaches that reduce the quantity and nature of antibiotics being used for the treatment of mastitis.

- Demonstrate the proposed approaches relevance, effectiveness and practicality in the UK dairy industry.

- Disseminate findings through various networks including through champion farmers, training events and other dairy events."


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