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Coordinator resources

Here you can find a range of useful information and tools for current field lab coordinators or those in interested in coordinating future trials.


Expression of Interest

Complete this form if you have an idea to submit. Anyone can submit an idea. We particularly like to hear from farmers, growers or individuals representing groups of farmers.

Field Lab Expression of Interest

Guide: How to run a field lab

This guide is primarily aimed at current or future field lab coordinators. It sets out the process and expectations of coordinators, from idea development through to completing a field lab and the next steps.

Guide: How to set up and run a field lab

Join our bank of field lab coordinators

If you would like to register your interest in paid facilitation of future field lab groups, please follow this link to complete a form with details about yourself, your experience working with farmers and topics of interest/expertise, if applicable.

Coordinator FAQs

The coordinator plays a vital role in the overall success of any field lab and ensures the effective collaboration and participation of the farmers and researchers involved in the trial. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Organising and running group meetings.
  • Facilitating the group to develop, design and agree the design of the trial and how farmers will be involved with the trials.
  • Compiling, in consultation with the farmers and researcher, the field lab proposal and request for grant funding from the Research Fund.
  • Updating the Innovative Farmers team on progress and reporting on activity and achievements.
  • Ensuring farmers and researchers learn from each other.
  • Organising at least one open farm walk for other farmers to learn from the field lab.
  • Encouraging the group to share management practices and experiences to enhance learnings of the group.
  • Managing the field lab, including monitoring progress to milestones, quality assurance of trial design (engaging with triallists and researchers throughout the trial), delivery and distribution of the Research Fund grant and assistance with writing up the research report.

Where the coordinator's time is not covered through their existing role, we may be able to offer financial support to cover their time and travel expenses. Please get in touch to discuss this with the Innovative Farmers team before submitting your field lab proposal.

The full process can be found in the documents above.

The process of setting up a field lab starts with submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI) on behalf of the farmer group. If we like the idea, we will send you a full proposal form for you to complete. As part of setting up a field lab, you will need to run workshops/meetings to co-design trials with the farmers and researcher. If the group doesn't have a researcher in mind, we can help you find one.

If your application is successful, it will then be your responsibility to monitor how the trials are going, create opportunities for the farmers and researchers to share progress, keep things on track and provide regular updates. We also rely on coordinators to identify opportunities to promote the field lab (e.g. through social media, blogs, events).

At the end of the field lab, you will assist the researcher with the final report and run a closing workshop with the group to evaluate your findings, experiences and next steps.

Yes, if you have suitable project management skills, experience working with farmers on the ground, an understanding of co-design and a willingness to embrace the realities and practicalities of farmer-led research!