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Why Farmers Are Researching Silvopasture Design - A Film Series

Why Farmers Are Researching Silvopasture Design - A Film Series

05 April 2023 Argoforestry
The Devon Silvopasture Network are undertaking a 12 year trial in which six farms and a research farm are being supported to design and implement the integration of trees into their livestock farms.
 13 April 2023

The trial has a mixture of cluster planting, regular spacing and shelterbelts being planted. Little research has focused on the impact of silvopasture in the UK, and farmers are looking for clear evidence of a potential return on investment in order to justify the significant financial commitment to turn pasture over to silvopasture.

Find out more about the farmer-led research. 

Hear from those involved with the trial on why they're choosing to research silvopasture design: 

Rob's Story - Rothamsted Research



Hen's Story - West Elmett Farm



Sam's Story - Rowden Farm



Seb's Story - Lower Withecombe Farm



Andy's Story - Elston Farm



Caroyln's Story - Ashridge Court



Henry's Story - Leworthy Farm 



This research is being conducted with the help of The Woodland Trust, Organic Research Centre, Rothamsted Research, FWAG SW, Soil Association and Innovative Farmers.

The six films in this series were shot and edited by Tom Law. Thank you to Rothamsted Research for funding this series of short films.

You can explore the three silvopasture designs here.