Three silvopasture tree planting designs to suit your farm

What is silvopasture

Silvopasture is a form of agroforestry where trees are deliberately planted to be part of a farms livestock system. Three tree planting designs are being trialled as part of a field lab investigating the benefits of agroforestry.

Planting trees to suit grazing requirements

Each design has been chosen to suit the grazing requirements of the farmers as well as fitting into the natural environment surrounding the chosen fields. Seven farms across Devon are testing these designs as part of 12 years of farmer led research into agroforestry. The results aim to provide the first ever set of long term data which is practically grounded in the reality of commercial farms. This will give more farmers the confidence to plant trees into their grazing systems. 

The designs have been chosen to suit a range of needs so if you are a livestock farmer there is a good chance the principles of one of these designs will suit your needs.

Design agroforestry for your farm

But what do the designs looks like? Why were they chosen? And what benefits are they hoped to bring? Three farmers below have volunteered to share the designs they worked on with the help of The Woodland Trust and FWAG Southwest. 

This field lab is also partnered with Rothamsted Research and Organic Research Centre


Get advice and funding to plant your own agroforestry 

For advice on starting your own agroforestry: Get in touch with FWAGSouth West. 

Every year there are tree planting grants available from The Woodland Trust. Find out more about More Woods and More Hedges. 

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Sharing knowledge from the field labs

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